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Super Angel Juicer reviewed by Heather Soderberg - Portland, Oregon

Oh wow! What a difference this juicer is making! I was shocked at how much richer and sweeter the juice is. And I love the quiet operation! I wake up first in my household and used to have to wait for everyone else to get up before I could juice. That old juicer was painfully loud! Now I can juice first thing, my favorite! I love how easy it is to use and the clean-up is great! Juicing is actually fun for me now! Not just a necessity! I have recommended it to everyone I know and my dad and sister both bought one also! Thank you so much! Have a beautiful day!

Super Angel 5500 Juicer reviewed by Robert Stevenson – West Palm Beach, FL

When I started juicing about 3 years ago, I bought a twin gear juicer to join the juice therapy program. The health institute recommended to purchase the twin gear juicer for better juicing, no destructing enzymes and nutrients. It was my first experience of juicing by twin gear juicer, but it was not the Super Angel juicer. I like the way of juicing by twin gear system much better than my centrifugal juicer and I have been enjoying it for 3 years now. I recently started another juice fasting class and I decided to buy my extra juicer. One of juice fasting classmate suggested me to buy a new model of stainless steel juicer, the Super Angel juicer I was a little hesitating in purchase because of pricy. I've been searched the internet again and again for a few days and I finally decided to invest my money to this premium juicer. When I received and opened the package, I was so excited because I never had a stainless steel juicer before. I couldn't wait a single minute for testing my dream new stainless steel juicer. Wow ! There is a significant difference between my old twin gear juicer and my new dream juicer, the Super Angel juicer. It is absolutely fabulous on juicing, better yield of almost 20 to 30% more juice, easy cleaning, whispering quiet of motor running, very dry pulp and so dark, rich flavored juice…… I'm pretty much confident that anyone will never get disappointed on this fabulous machine. I'm very happy to juice everyday and I dare say it really worth to invest the money. "

My Angel Juicer !! From a Satisfied Customer in Port Ludlow, WA

I was in the market for a new juicer and came across the Super Angel 5500. I was impressed with its construction but was concerned about the price. $1,150 to me is a lot of money to spend on a juicer, especially if it doesn't do any better than what one currently has. When I placed the order for the Super Angel 5500 I was already in possession of a centrifugal and a single augur juicer. Before the "Super Angel 5500" actually had arrived, I had already determined that I would just reject it at the door and have it sent back for I felt that the Angel 5500 couldn't offer anything different than what I had. Well as luck would have it, I was out on business when it arrived. When I got home I found the box at my front door and thought, "why not!" and decided to take it out of the box and give it a try. The unit was easy to set up and when I got around to drinking the juice, I was pleasantly surprised! The juice was rich in color and the taste was out of this world! I couldn't believe it. Well, I then made another drink and placed in it some Kale and Parsley. I was surprised again at how easily the unit just sucked those greens down. I didn't have to sit there and do any plunging whatsoever. Later after consuming those drinks I couldn't help but notice a most pleasant bodily feeling and knew that it was because of the richness of the juice. I decided right then and there that I would not send the unit back! No way! I am going to take my old juicers and give them away. If you want a juicer that is going to give you more bang for the buck in the product, then the Super Angel 5500 won't disappoint you.

Awesome Juicer daily use ! From Ms. K – Berkeley, CA

After considerable research i chose this juicer because it's all stainless steel and has only 4 parts to clean vs. some 7-10 on some other juicers. the juice that comes out of this juicer is *mucH* better than what comes out a centrifugal juicer. There is no problem with the twin augers grinding which i was concerned about from one of the reviews here....actually because of the double augers, the machine can cover pretty much everything to juice from leafy greens and wheat grass to apples, oranges and carrots. i've used a champion juicer and the plastic parts got stained after a couple rounds of carrots and is a pain to pull apart and clean. it also can't be used for wheatgrass.

i also don't understand how it can take someone 40 minutes to clean the screen. the machine comes with a brush that makes it easy to clean out. I use this juicer almost every day and it takes me about 5 minutes to take apart the machine and clean it under running water.

if you're serious about juicing this is a great machine, it juices slowly and when you spend a premium on organic produce, you want to get as much juice and nutrition as possible... i refuse to invest my money on cheap looking plastic appliances.

Super Angel Vs. Green Star... Super Angel Gets My Vote! reviewed by Monique Hairston "Give Love" Oakland, CA

My husband and I are serious about juicing. Years ago, when we chose our first juicer, we decided to go with the Omega 8003, single-gear, masticating juicer and we loved it. Unfortunately, we were robbed recently and our Omega juicer was among the items stolen. Before re-purchasing the same juicer, I did a lot of comparison shopping and research. Though the Omega 8003 is a wonderful choice, and I highly recommend it for Beginners, it left the pulp significantly wet and juicing apples was a mushy mess. After learning the benefits of twin-gear juicing, I decided to try the Green Star juicer which is hailed by many as the best twin gear juicer (at that price point - which is half the price of the Super Angel). When it arrived and we tried it out, I just wan't satisfied with the product. Don't get me wrong, the Green Star juicer is a great machine and the juice tasted fabulous. But for all the hype, the pulp was still pretty wet and the machine just had so many parts to assemble and clean (plus you have to switch screens for different types of fruits). I decided that if I was willing to spend $500 on a juicer, I was willing to spend $1,000 to know I had the best one. Also, I didn't like that the Green Star was all plastic and stained on the first use. After giving it a go, we decided to send it back and ordered the Super Angel 5500. We received it a few days ago and IMMEDIATELY we were blown away by the performance of the machine. The pulp was dry, assembly is a breeze and cleaning up is just as easy as the Omega 8003 (tons easier to clean than the Green Star). OH! And, in previous reviews, many people were complaining about the plastic containers Super Angel gives you for juice collection... This isn't the case anymore! My Super Angel came with a 32 oz Pyrex glass container. Couldn't be happier. The juice tastes phenomenal and we are getting every drop of juice and nutrients possible. Super Angel juice yield is higher than the Green Star and certainly higher than any single-gear or centrifugal juicer. You may pay more for this machine, but you are going to be getting more out of each vegetable and fruit. Totally worth it.

Absolutely the Best and was easy to clean reviewed by Sirskoal2011

I used my all stainless steel Angel juicer (low rpm 82rpm) compared to the breville (lots of plastic that started to cloud after a few times) and (very high rpm like 4000 to 6000 I think I remember hearing), for the first time this morning and it was like night and day. The quality and quantity of the juice from the angel far exceeded my expectations. However, I was concerned about the cleaning that the one person described as a huge deal. I found it easier than the breville, and using the brush cleaned it up in a few minutes so I dont know what the heck the other person was talking about. I had bought a Breville after watching "Fat,Sick and nearly Dead" (great documentary that inspired me tremendously) but I wish I had not bought the Breville because now that I understand the differences better, I would never had bought it and I kinda feel guilty giving it to my mom even for free because the quality and quantity of the juice seems inferior in my opinion based on what I have tasted and seen and it will cost more in money and health in the long run. The angel is definitely worth the money; however, if you can't afford one or don't want to spend the money, then I think you'd be better off just eating your fruits and vegetables rather than wasting money on making inferior quality juice. A couple of European guys did an amazing video on youtube comparing the angel vs the omega vert, and another guy did a comparison between omega vert vs Breville. Summary, the omega vert blew away the Breville especially the tomato demo, and angel blew away the omega vert. I promise this is my honest opinion and have no connections to any of these manufacturers.

Awesome Juicer - worth the price and way better than VRT350 reviewed by Jim Walker - Palmyra, Virginia

I have the Omega Vert HD VRT350 and have been using it since July 2011 and also bought the Omega J8006 when Amazon offered it as a daily deal and the price was too good to pass up - I know this is a review of the Super Angel but I want to give a background and a warning for those of you reading reviews to decide what juicer to buy.

The Omega HD VRT350 is horrible, when I first got it I thought it was amazing (the reason there are some good reviews for it) - it did a great job for a short time, but even when it was new there was a lot of pulp in the juice. As time went on the plastic parts began to wear out and the pulp amount in the juice increased so much I had to strain the juice with a nut milk strainer bag - which added another time consuming step, the amount of pulp became ridiculous and without straining the juice had the consistency of a smoothie (if you want that just use a blender). I contacted customer support about my juicer and all the parts that have failed (straining basket, silicone O ring) senting pictures and after many inquires have yet to receive a response from them. I was using the J8006 as a backup and it is a fine juicer compared to the HD VRT350 but it produces way less juice from the vegetables but unlike the Vert very little pulp in the juice.

Since I got the Super Angel I use the J8004 to make fruit sorbet and it does a great job and easy to clean up. I do not recommend using it for your primary juicer unless you are an occasional juicer or cannot afford the Super Angel. It just produces a really low volume of juice for the amount of vegetables processed - I guess you could run the pulp through a few more times to try to squeeze more juice out (I just don't have time for all those extra steps). I needed a heavy duty juicer to replace my VRT350 and after much research decided on the Super Angel 5500.

The Super Angel produces far more juice (I would estimate close to 40 percent more) than the Omega Vert. No issues with pulp in the juice, so I no longer have the extra step of straining the juice - I figure with the increased juice production compared to the Vert the Super Angel has paid for itself over the span of a few months (I juice for 3 adults). With the all stainless steel components there has been no wearing out like the plastic parts on the Vert - I would recommend looking for a juicer with all stainless parts, as I found with the Vert the plastic parts wear down allowing for less juice extraction over time and more pulp added to the juice.

Some reviewers commented that the Super Angel juicer is harder to clean - that is not the case for me, it takes me the same amount of time to clean this juicer as it took me to clean the Vert, and I feel it is cleaner because there is no staining or mineral buildup that you get with plastic parts. Another advantage the Super Angel has over the Vert is you don't have to cut celery and other long fibrous vegetables into small pieces. With the Vert I had to cut everything into about one inch or smaller pieces or it would clog the Vert even more. I have been amazed and extremely happy with the Super Angel juicer and wish that I had bought it originally.

It is an expensive unit compared to many on the market, but from my experience and the savings from the productivity of this juicer it is my opinion you will save money in the long run. If you cannot afford this one try to get a deal on the Omega J8004 like I did and use it while you save for the Super Angel (then once you get the Super Angel use the J8004 for sorbet) - you will not regret it. If you can afford the Super Angel don't hesitate buy the Super Angel.

The only possible issue I want to point out with the Super Angel is that for some users it is an effort to feed some types of vegetables (usually harder root type vegetables) through the feeding shoot. Super Angel supply two wooden plungers to push vegetables/fruit through that work very well. It may require a little downward effort to feed those types of vegetables into the blades - for the majority of people this will not be an issue, but if you are really weak or have joint pain due to arthritis or other joint/strength disabilities you may want to look at a different juicer. With that said most vegetables/herbs are sucked down into the angel with little or no effort. For example wheatgrass, herbs, and greens I feed them stalk first and they are pulled right down with no intervention.

Whatever juicer you get keep juicing!!

My review for Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer - 5500 reviewed by Levi501

Folks, I considered every amazon review and spent about 8 hours studying the web before I dropped the cash on this machine. It's a lot of money. But, the juice this thing makes is incredible. In fact, I had mine for three days and loved it so much that I bought one for my dad. He has juiced off-and-on his whole life and I remember seeing EVERY juicer come and go as a kid; Champion, Juiceman I & II, LeLanne, Omega, etc. But we both agree, this juicer beats all juicers. It is the only juicer that I have ever purchased that I KEEP USING. My dad said the same thing. Other juicers are like a novelty and I get sick of cleaning them, but this one is a joy to clean because my body associates it with the most dense and helpful nutrition I have ever received. In fact, the nutrition this thing provides has actually "spilled over" goodness into other parts of my life that I didn't expect. I feel so good from the juice that I have started ameliorating other parts of my life as a result. I work out more, I meditate and pray more. This juicer really was a personal revolution for me. I hesitate to say it because of the many different things this means to so many different people, but I have lost weight. My father reported noticing a thinner face and hands within days of use. It's almost as if the body knows how to take care of itself with the proper nutrition.

Many wrote about how "hard it is to clean," but really, there are only four parts: the augers, the screen, the plunger and the pyrex bowl. I rinse the cutting board and wipe down the machine. I do this all while drinking the juice and it's not a problem. It might take a minute-and-a-half more to clean than the Breville I had before, but I don't know if that is because I am just taking my time due to my love for and pride in this machine, or if it actually takes longer to clean. I just have a huge smile on my face the whole time. There are other models, like the 7500 and the 8500, but even right on the manufacturer's website, they say they prefer the 5500 because it doesn't "auto-reverse" if overloaded. Although, I can't imagine overloading this thing because it is one tough mudder and handles everything I put in there.

Warning, your body will naturally start cleansing when you start to use this machine. You don't have to just use it for veggies either. I put a mix of soaked beans, grains, and legumes through one of the other attachments (see below) and eat it like a totally natural, super healthy, fiber boost to assure that I am helping my insides to cleanse completely.

I have made almond butter with this machine. Great!

I strongly suggest that you purchase the two extra attachments from the manufacturer on[...]: the soft fruit attachment and the nut butter attachment. Soft fruit nose cone has bigger holes so pineapple, blueberries/all berries, melons, and kiwi etc., can go through. Also, if you prefer more pulp in your orange juice than that which comes through with the veggie attachment, you can use it for that too. The two attachments are hard to find on the website, but if you click the 'parts and accessories' link on the first screen and then again on the next screen, you will find them. Keep digging in the site. Totally worth it.

I use this juicer twice (and sometimes thrice!) a day and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make juicing a way of life. Anyone who is trying to use raw foods to heal, you owe it to yourself to get this machine. I know I sound a little fanatic about this, but I mean it when I say it has changed my life. I literally think about the reviews about the "difficulty cleaning it" every time I wash it and laugh as I get a picture in my mind at the type of person that would say it's difficult. Every juicer is a pain in the cheeks, and this one is no more difficult, just different. If anything, it is less difficult because you know you are being fueled by the best juice anyone can possibly make and that perfect nutrition and health are happening right inside of you. Once you figure out your system, it's no big deal. You will laugh with me at those who complained about it too.

I'm glad I found this at 32 years old because I know the next 60 years will be considerably more healthful and happier now that I have found this fountain of youth and longevity. My father and I both have found marvelous benefits, so take it from two generations of enthusiastic, grateful users. Get this machine. Get the attachments. Give yourself the gift of better health. And then give someone else the gift of better health!

Super Angel Juicer reviewed by Sprout Organic

The Rolls-Royce of the juicing world. Exceptionally powerful machine that can extract a higher yield of juice than other brands. Full stainless-steel construction, quick and easy to clean and assemble and would look stylish in any household. The craftsmanship that goes into these machines is exceptional. Over the past few years, the Angels have gained a huge level of popularity around the world. if you have made a decision to get yourself an Angel, get on to it straight away. The frequency and length of time when they are unavailable due to selling out before the arrival of the next shipment has increased over the past 12-18 months. The factory and importer cannot keep up with global demand and these gaps are on the rise. I cannot recommend the Angel highly enough. I use one personally and my recommendation is not due to a higher profit from sales. There is hardly any money in an Angel for me and I make more from some of the lower priced models. It is simply because it is a top quality machine and my personal body's response to my using it everyday or two has been really noticeable. I feel more energetic, not as fuzzy in the head, I don't get a 3pm melt-down like I used to and I'm sleeping really well each night. Purchasing one was a big decision for me as well as for anyone else, but I haven't looked back since getting it and I actually look forward to using it.